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GOGOA Unveils SUPERHUMAN: Pioneering Innovation for the Future of Manufacturing

GOGOA presenta SUPERHUMAN: Innovación para el Futuro de la Manufactura

Greetings to the entire GOGOA community! We kick off the year with exciting news and a project that defines the forefront of technology for human well-being in industrial environments. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the SUPERHUMAN project, a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the EIT-Manufacturing program.


SUPERHUMAN, which stands for "SUPport Exo to Relief HUman Muscoloskeletal fAtigue in maNufacturing," is an ambitious project aimed at addressing challenges associated with work-related musculoskeletal disorders in industrial settings. With a specific focus on arduous tasks involving non-ergonomic conditions and heavy load manipulation, SUPERHUMAN seeks to provide effective solutions through the integration of back and hip exoskeletons.

Innovation in Action

The project is built on the integration of two key devices: a lumbar support exoskeleton provided by SUPSI and a hip exoskeleton developed by GOGOA. The lumbar support exoskeleton utilizes user-specific backbone-based one-degree-of-freedom kinematics to provide support to the lumbar area, while the hip exoskeleton directly assists in boot flexion-extension movements, crucial for lifting and lowering loads.

Development and Validation Process

SUPERHUMAN is not just a vision but a reality in development. With the support of SUPSI for ergonomic analysis and consideration of human factors, the integrated prototype will undergo preliminary testing in a controlled environment simulating industrial challenges. Final validation will take place in real industrial environments, in collaboration with partner companies such as Bonfiglioli and MC/MCH.

From Innovation to Market

To ensure that the project's outcomes don't stay confined to the lab, a startup linked to GOGOA will be established to capitalize on the achievements. We will explore the patentability of the resulting device and, leveraging the GOGOA network, engage with potential customers during and after the project. The agency ART-ER will play a key role in connecting the consortium with potential customers and disseminating the project's results and achievements.

The Future is Versatile and Worker-Supportive

Ultimately, the final goal of SUPERHUMAN is to bring to market a fully engineered and tested exoskeleton device that supports humans in various work applications. With a design based on real industrial needs, ergonomic analysis, and human factors, this innovative device combines the best of back and hip exoskeletons, offering a versatile and effective solution.

We are excited about this new chapter in the evolution of technology to enhance the lives of industrial workers. Stay tuned for more updates on SUPERHUMAN and other exciting news from GOGOA in the future!


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