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Gogoa Mobility Robots Attends the Entrepreneurship in the Defense and Security Sector Event

Spain has the potential to become a global leader in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the field of Defense and Security, particularly in innovation and entrepreneurship for dual-use solutions and technologies. With the support of available funds from organizations such as NATO and the European Union, the country can leverage these opportunities to drive technological and business development.

Yesterday, June 4th, Gogoa Mobility Robots had the honor of attending the “Entrepreneurship in the Defense and Security Sector” event, organized by the Fundación Círculo de Tecnologías in collaboration with the Directorate General of Armament and Material of the Ministry of Defense, and supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. The event took place in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, located at Paseo de la Castellana, 162, in Madrid.

Event Development

The event began with an introductory conference by Major General Enrique Campo Loarte, Deputy Director General of Planning, Technology, and Innovation at the Ministry of Defense. In his speech, General Campo Loarte highlighted the importance of the Diana Program, an initiative aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the Defense sector, offering unique opportunities for startups and technology companies.

During the event, various presentations and round tables addressed the needs for innovative products and services in the Defense sector, specifically related to NATO and other international organizations. Additionally, the innovative programs being developed at both national and European levels were showcased, providing a comprehensive view of the innovation ecosystem in the sector.

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Financing and Collaboration Opportunities

One of the most notable aspects of the event was the presentation of the public aid instruments available to startups and companies in the sector. The various financing and support options that can be utilized for the development of innovative technologies were detailed. These instruments included private investment funds, collaboration opportunities with universities and technology centers, and European and NATO financing programs.

Participants also had the chance to learn first-hand about the entrepreneurial experiences of established companies in the Defense and Security sector, resulting in an enriching exchange of knowledge and best practices.


The “Entrepreneurship in the Defense and Security Sector” event has been a crucial platform for disseminating opportunities and creating synergies between companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions. At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we are convinced that events like this are fundamental to driving innovation and technological development in Spain.

We thank the Fundación Círculo de Tecnologías, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for organizing this event and for their continuous support of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Defense and Security sector. We are committed to continuing our work on innovative solutions that contribute to the strengthening of this strategic sector.


At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we continue our mission to lead technological innovation, and initiatives like this inspire us to keep exploring new frontiers in the Defense and Security field. We hope to apply the knowledge gained and the collaboration opportunities identified to further advance our projects.

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