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Gogoa Mobility Robots at the outstanding event "Innovation in Neurorehabilitation".

gogoa at innovation neurorehabilitation event

We are pleased to have been part of the event "Innovation in Neurorehabilitation", organized by the Miguel Hernández University and the UMH Science Park, which took place yesterday, Thursday, June 29th! If you missed it, here we tell you what happened in this fascinating meeting where the latest news in technologies applied to neurorehabilitation were presented and innovative developments in this field were revealed.

At this top-level event, our R&D&I director, Guillermo Asín Prieto, gave a fascinating presentation. During his intervention, Guillermo shared the remarkable story of Gogoa Mobility Robots, the first CSIC spin-off to develop exoskeletons and the first European company to obtain CE marking for an ambulatory exoskeleton. In addition, he presented our extensive product portfolio in neurorehabilitation robotics and revealed our most innovative design ideas.

But that was not all, we also shared information about our prestigious robotic neurorehabilitation and therapy design clinics: Movex Clinics and Movex Living Lab. Thanks to our revolutionary Movex method, we have challenged the belief that patients with various pathologies can't get any better. In fact, all of our patients have achieved levels of rehabilitation that exceed all expectations, giving them new hope and opportunities for recovery.

The event was attended by leading experts in the sector, who shared their knowledge and research on technologies applied to neurorehabilitation. In addition, round tables were held to address clinical needs in this field and discuss future technologies needed in neurorehabilitation units.

If you missed this extraordinary event, we invite you to stay tuned for future learning and collaboration opportunities with companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and clinicians who share our commitment to innovation in neurorehabilitation and the application of advanced technologies.

Don't be left behind in the advancement of neurorehabilitation!

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