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Exploring the Future of Biomedical Engineering: Gogoa Mobility Robots' Participation in the University of Alicante's Symposium

Explorando el Futuro de la Ingeniería Biomédica: Participación de Gogoa Mobility Robots en la Jornada de la Universidad de Alicante

Today, on February 2nd, Gogoa Mobility Robots had the honour of actively participating in the Biomedical Engineering Symposium organized by the University of Alicante, within the framework of the Cultural Month of the Higher Polytechnic School (EPS). This gathering focused on the design, development, and manufacture of Medical Devices for Rehabilitation and Assistance, addressing crucial topics such as exoskeletons, prosthetics, wearables, and more.

In Block I dedicated to Exoskeletons and Robotic Rehabilitation, Dr. Guillermo Asín Prieto, Director of R&D at Gogoa, shared his expertise with an engaging talk on "Everyday Exoskeletons." This event served as a platform for companies and institutions with notable contributions to technological advancement in medical devices, where Gogoa Mobility Robots highlighted its crucial role in exoskeleton innovation.

The symposium continued with presentations from other leading companies such as Orliman, addressing topics ranging from experiences in the use of robotic devices in rehabilitation to new technologies in neurorehabilitation.

The University of Alicante has demonstrated its commitment to the development of Biomedical Engineering by organizing this event, which attracted healthcare professionals, medical specialties, researchers, and educators from the fields of health and engineering. Additionally, the aim is to capture the attention of potential future students interested in the Master's in Biomedical Engineering.

The program included an institutional opening, a welcome from prominent academic leaders, and concluded with the presentation of the Master's in Biomedical Engineering. The afternoon was reserved for presentations of projects by current students, showcasing the tangible impact of Biomedical Engineering in creating orthoses for traumatology and rehabilitation.

For those unable to attend in person, the symposium was live-streamed through the links provided by the University of Alicante, offering a global audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Biomedical Engineering.

Gogoa Mobility Robots appreciates the opportunity to participate in this distinguished event, contributing to the shared mission of advancing technology to improve the quality of life and healthcare. We look forward to continuing collaboration in future initiatives that drive innovation in Biomedical Engineering. The future of rehabilitation and assistance awaits us, and we are excited to be part of it!

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