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We have completed the BELK tests in the Eurobench project.

In collaboration with CEIT, we have finished testing our BELK knee exoskeleton in different situations thanks to the Eurobench project.

young man using exoskeleton
working man using exoskeleton

The EUROBENCH project aims to create the first unified benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe. This framework will allow companies and/or researchers to test the performance of their robots at any stage of development. The project is mainly focused on bipedal systems, i.e. exoskeletons, prosthetics and humanoids, but it is also opened to cover other robotic technologies. We continue testing BELK thanks to Eurobench.

The tests have been carried out at the Eurobench facilities, in the Los Madroños hospital (Getafe) and in different scenarios: Experience, PEPATO y STEP-by-STEP.


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