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Basque Health Cluster Recognized as Ecosystem of the Month by ECHAlliance

Basque Health Cluster Recognized as Ecosystem of the Month by ECHAlliance

We are thrilled to announce that the Basque Health Cluster, of which Gogoa Mobility Robots is a proud member, has been selected as the Ecosystem of the Month by the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance):

This prestigious recognition underscores the exceptional contributions and collaborative efforts within our vibrant ecosystem.

The Basque Health Cluster embodies the entirety of the healthcare sector's value chain, representing entities across Pharma, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, In Vitro Diagnosis, Healthcare, E-Health, and complementary services. With over 120 associated entities, including companies, research centers, universities, and public administrations, the cluster serves as a cornerstone for innovation and collaboration in the region.

In words of the ECHAlliance; "while it's challenging to single out just a few champions from our ecosystem, several entities have spearheaded groundbreaking projects with global implications. Among them are:"

  • Ciber Surgery: Renowned for developing the first Basque surgical robot, Ciber Surgery ranks among the "Top 20" robotic SMEs in the European Union.

  • Gogoa Mobility Robots: A leading company in the research, design, and development of exoskeletons, contributing significantly to mobility assistance.

  • Biobide: Pioneers in zebrafish research, advancing drug discovery and safety assessment.

  • VIVEBiotech: Specializing in lentiviral vectors, crucial for gene therapy applications.

  • Accexible: Innovators in disease detection through voice analysis biomarkers.

  • Mikrobiomik: Set to revolutionize treatment for intestinal infections with a life-saving solution for Clostridioides difficile.

  • Innitius: Offering a device capable of distinguishing true and false threats of premature birth.

  • Viralgen: Experts in the production of AAV gene therapy vectors, essential for advanced therapies.

  • BTI: Leaders in biomedicine applied to regenerative medicine and oral implantology.

  • Histocell: Specialists in cell therapy and biological medicinal products, contributing to advancements in healthcare.

Moreover, our ecosystem thrives on collaboration and is actively engaged in various EU-funded projects, such as OSASUNBERRI, OSASUNBERRI II, and ClivaMED, aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery and innovation.

In line with our newly launched Strategic Plan 2024-2027, we have identified six strategic pillars focusing on talent, data, regulation, internationalization, financing, and commercialization. These pillars underscore our commitment to providing impactful value to the healthcare sector.

Our primary strength lies in our ability to connect stakeholders across regions, countries, and the healthcare value chain. With robust support from the public administration, a solid infrastructure, and a thriving network of research and innovation centers, the Basque Health Cluster stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare innovation.

As we look ahead, we are excited about our "Osasun Poloa" strategy, aimed at establishing an international health reference hub by 2025. Furthermore, the Basque Country's recognition as a leading hub for advanced therapies in Europe reaffirms our position as a driving force in healthcare innovation.

In conclusion, we extend our gratitude to ECHAlliance for recognizing the Basque Health Cluster as the Ecosystem of the Month. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, foster collaboration, and drive innovation for the betterment of healthcare globally.

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