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We are launching a PODCAST on Neurological Rehabilitation in collaboration with Movex Clinics on Onda Vasca

We are pleased to announce the first broadcast of our collaborative podcast, MOVEX CLINICS x GOGOA, on Onda Vasca - Grupo Noticias radio, within the current affairs program hosted by Txema Gutiérrez:

In this fascinating broadcast, we had the privilege of hearing from Maite Molinuevo Auzmendi and Sara García Delgado, specialized neurology physiotherapists and coordinators of the MOVEX clinics in Urretxu and Bilbao, respectively. Both shared with us the noble work they carry out day by day. From how GOGOA exoskeletons represent a beacon of hope for those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases or neuromuscular conditions, to the heartwarming stories of patients who, thanks to this cutting-edge technology, have regained mobility and independence.

Our CEO, Carlos Fernandez Isoird, delighted us with his deep knowledge of the cutting-edge technology developed by GOGOA. He explained how, through the use of exoskeletons, we can trigger neuronal plasticity and reprogram motor neurons, allowing patients not only to rehabilitate, but to walk again! A dream come true that fills us with pride and motivation.

This podcast will be a must-listen for all those interested in the advancement of rehabilitation and medical technology. We plan to broadcast it bimonthly, so don't miss it! Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on the next broadcast.

"We have had cases of dependent individuals, in wheelchairs, who have even managed to walk down the street." These words from the managers of the Movex clinics in Bilbao and Urretxu during the interview on Onda Vasca reflect the real and transformative impact that our therapies and technologies have on people's lives.

At GOGOA and Movex Clinics, we are committed to excellence in rehabilitation and the constant search for innovative solutions. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey towards a brighter future full of possibilities.

See you in the next broadcast!




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