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Yesterday, 26 January 2023, Gogoa Mobility Robots inaugurated the Movex Living Lab in Urretxu, Gipuzkoa.

The Movex Living Lab is an innovative centre for research and clinical trials to search for new treatments and therapies for neurorehabilitation in diseases and injuries that affect people's motor skills.

It is the only one of its kind in the world and relies on the group's exoskeletons to speed up the recovery time of injuries or pathologies compared to traditional treatments.

As part of our strategic plans, Gogoa plans to launch a network of neurorehabilitation clinics in up to 25 cities in Spain, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia starting this year.

A process that will involve an investment of close to 36 million euros by 2025 and for which we are seeking financial support.

It should be noted that robotic neurorehabilitation with exoskeletons is a disruptive healthcare area, with very few players worldwide and where the Gogoa Group wants to position itself strongly in the medium term, given the sharp increase in the number of patients using these new rehabilitation treatments in the last two years.

Our innovative character is reflected in every step we take, always focusing on R&D&I projects and new product development. Everything we do, we do to improve people's lives, creating a more inclusive future.

We believe in the neurorehabilitation revolution, we humanise technology.

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