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Science in Action: Gogoa and Movex Clinics at Colegio Urdaneta

Gogoa y Movex Clinics en el Colegio Urdaneta de Loiu

From the epicenter of the XXIII Science Week, we bring you the latest updates from Colegio P.A. Urdaneta - PP. Agustinos. Our mission was clear: bring science and technology directly to the classrooms to ignite the interest of students in scientific and technological disciplines, crucial for the advancement of our society.

In this journey, we immersed ourselves in the robotic neurorrehabilitation technology of Gogoa and the innovative therapies of Movex Clinics, interacting with 6 groups of 5th-grade students. But the story doesn't end here. The students didn't just hear about HANK, our exoskeleton for lower limb rehabilitation; they had the unique opportunity to experience it firsthand. The result? Pure fascination.

The day wasn't limited to a talk; it was a hands-on experience. We showed them how science can be authentically fascinating and create meaningful changes in people's lives. We focused on tangible experiences: real stories of individuals who have experienced improvements in mobility and quality of life thanks to this technology.

Furthermore, we express our gratitude to the students of Colegio Urdaneta de Loiu for their participation and to all those who joined this authentic science in action experience. We continue breaking down barriers between technology and reality, connecting innovation with concrete experiences, and building a direct bridge between science and everyday life.


Gogoa y Movex Clinics en el Colegio Urdaneta de Loiu

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