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Presentation of HELK at the ADINBERRI Silver Forum: Innovation in Assistance and Mobility

Presentation of HELK at the ADINBERRI Silver Forum: Innovation in Assistance and Mobility. It is a pleasure to announce our participation in the ADINBERRI Silver Forum, which will take place at the prestigious Kursaal Congress Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián on November 8 and 9. This event is focused on the #SilverEconomy and brings together companies and organizations committed to various aspects of aging. The agenda includes product and service demonstrations, as well as valuable one-to-one meetings to establish connections between exhibitors and visitors.

In this exciting setting, we will introduce our latest innovation: HELK, a versatile exoskeleton that is redefining mobility and personal care.

HELK - Beyond Conventional Assistive Technology:

HELK is not limited to being conventional assistive technology. This exoskeleton provides exceptional lumbar support, relieving the strain and significantly improving the mobility of users. But its impact goes even further. Healthcare professionals find HELK to be a valuable tool in preventing muscle fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries in their daily tasks: mobilizing and transporting patients, lifting loads, moving stretchers or wheelchairs, etc. With HELK, we elevate healthcare to a safer and more effective level.

However, the versatility of HELK is not limited to the healthcare field. This innovative device is suitable for a wide range of applications, from patient transfer and mobilization to surgical interventions and logistics operations. What's more, HELK is also designed to help older adults enjoy a more active life by providing the additional strength needed to perform household tasks, move objects, bend, and stand up with ease, among many other activities.

Meet Our Team:

We invite you to visit us at the ADINBERRI Silver Forum to get a close look at the innovation represented by HELK. Our team, composed of Lorea Gonzalez-Txabarri and Iker Bermeosolo Layuno, will be delighted to answer all your questions and provide detailed information on how HELK is transforming healthcare and personal mobility.

Additionally, today, Lorea and Iker shared their experience in an interview they gave to EITB, which you can watch in its entirety here (, where they detail how GOGOA is changing the landscape of healthcare.

Join us at the ADINBERRI Silver Forum and be part of this exciting experience. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

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