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Gogoa partners with World Exoskeleton Day to advance exoskeleton technology

We are thrilled to announce that Gogoa Mobility Robots is partnering with World Exoskeleton Day to advance exoskeleton technology and improve the lives of people with mobility impairments. As a Basque Med-Tech biotechnology company, our dedication lies in the design and development of high-tech robotic exoskeletons to enhance people's quality of life.

At Gogoa, we are committed to excellence and have established our own robotic neuro-rehabilitation clinics, called Movex Clinics, along with a laboratory for the design of personalized therapies. Our goal is to lead the revolution in rehabilitation and ergonomics, with the purpose of increasing human capabilities and improving people's well-being.

We will celebrate World Exoskeleton Day on May 2nd by:

  1. Hosting an open house event in our Movex Living Lab in Urretxu. Visitors will have the opportunity to see our exoskeletons in action with real patients and learn how this technology can aid the recovery process.

  2. Sharing success stories of individuals who have been rehabilitated in our Movex Clinics by our therapies with exoskeletons.

Our commitment is to continue working towards a more inclusive and accessible future. Join us in our mission to drive the evolution of exoskeleton technology, which holds the potential to revolutionize the way we experience the world.

Follow us on social media @gogoarobots and use the hashtags #exoskeleton #wed #world_exoskeleton_day #robot to show your support for the cause.

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