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Gogoa Mobility Robots in AlbionVC's European HealthTech Market Map 2023

Gogoa Mobility Robots en el European HealthTech Market Map 2023 de AlbionVC

We are pleased to share the news that, for the second consecutive year, AlbionVC has recognized Gogoa Mobility Robots as a leading company in the HealthTech industry. Once again, we have had the honor of being included in the prestigious edition of the European HealthTech Market Map, in the "Device Enabled Care: Robotic Prosthetics" category.

This recognition comes at an exciting time for us. The HealthTech market in Europe is experiencing significant growth, and this inclusion on the map is a testament to our commitment to innovation and improving people's quality of life through technology.

We invite you to explore the full 2023 map with detailed information on emerging trends and sector segmentation at the following link:

We express our sincere gratitude to AlbionVC and the entire HealthTech community for their ongoing support. We are proud to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem and look forward to continuing our work in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation.

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