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Gogoa Masterclass: Boosting the Future of Biomedical Engineering at Mondragon University (MU)

As part of our annual educational mission, Gogoa Mobility Robots takes pride in having shared valuable insights with Biomedical Engineering students at Mondragon University (MU) in Urretxu, Gizpuzkoa, as part of our committed tradition with the educational institution since 2018.

The masterclass not only served as a platform for the transmission of advanced technical knowledge but also as a reminder of the essential connection between science, technology, and the tangible improvement of people's quality of life. Focusing on the intersection of engineering and medicine, we emphasized the importance of thoroughly understanding various neuromuscular pathologies.

A central aspect of our presentation was to underscore the need for close collaboration with healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, and, even more fundamentally, with the patients themselves. This collaborative perspective is crucial for the conception and development of biomedical products and robotic neurorehabilitation treatments that are not only technically effective but also empathetic and patient-centered.

At Gogoa, we believe that the training of future generations of biomedical engineers is essential to our commitment to society. We firmly believe in the transformative role of science and engineering in improving people's quality of life. This masterclass represents our ongoing dedication to that vision.

Our company takes pride in contributing to the development of highly skilled professionals who will lead advancements in biomedical engineering. We are confident that these students will carry with them not only technical knowledge, but also the passion to make a significant difference in the lives of those facing neuromuscular challenges.

At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we look to the future with enthusiasm and commitment, knowing that every step we take in the education of these young talents contributes to a more advanced, inclusive society focused on the well-being of all.


Gogoa Masterclass in Biomedical Engineering at Mondragon University (MU)

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