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Gogoa and Movex Clinics in the XXIII Science Week

Gogoa y Movex Clinics en la XXIII Semana de la Ciencia

From November 6th to November 19th, 2023, Spain is immersed in the XXIII Science Week, a crucial period highlighting the importance of research, innovation, and discovery in our society. Gogoa takes pride in actively participating in this experience alongside Movex Clinics, bringing science directly to the educational community.

So far, we've shared the fascination of biomedical technology in various schools, where our exoskeletons have served as ambassadors of innovation. Neurological rehabilitation and mobility assistance are realms where science and technology converge to transform lives. By bringing these solutions to young minds, we aim to plant the seed of interest in scientific and technological disciplines, crucial for the progress of our society.

In an increasingly science-driven world, it is imperative for young individuals to immerse themselves in the fascinating universe of science. It's not merely a collection of facts but a dynamic process driving change and continuous improvement. In Spain, our rich scientific history and brilliant minds have significantly contributed to global advancement. Inspiring young people to explore these disciplines is essential to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future.

The collaboration between Gogoa and Movex Clinics goes beyond technological innovation; it is a commitment to the well-being and mobility of individuals. Biomedical technology not only provides solutions but also sparks curiosity and passion for science.

We deeply appreciate the schools and participants who have already joined us and extend the invitation to those who still have the opportunity to do so. Together, we are building a future where technology and science not only coexist but collaborate to create impactful solutions that transform lives.

Gogoa and Movex Clinics in the XXIII Science Week

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