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Gogoa Advances in R&D: Collaborative Robotics and Neuro-Rehabilitation with AI

I+D+i en Gogoa: Robótica y Neuro-Rehabilitación con IA

At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we are thrilled to share the latest updates on our Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) projects recently approved by the Basque Government through the Hazitek Program. These projects, UMOR and IA REHUB, reflect our ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology to enhance quality of life and medical care.

UMOR Project: Driving Innovation in Collaborative Robotic Systems

In collaboration with SENER, a strategic leader in this project, UMOR's primary objective is the research of new modular components and technological solutions for collaborative precision robotic systems. We are focused on critical applications in environments such as space, industry, and healthcare, aiming to establish Euskadi as a reference in collaborative precision robotic systems of the future.

GOGOA MOBILITY ROBOTS: Modular Exoskeletons for Diverse Tasks

Within UMOR, Gogoa is developing a new modular, reconfigurable, and intelligent next-generation exoskeleton. This exoskeleton maximizes the use of technological assistance and can be adapted for a wide variety of tasks. We are excited to contribute to the advancement of collaborative robotic technology, providing versatile and efficient solutions.

IA REHUB Project: Revolutionizing Neuro-Rehabilitation with Artificial Intelligence

IA REHUB, led by Gogoa in collaboration with Movex Clinics, the Miranda Foundation, and the University of Deusto, focuses on improving therapy and procedures for robotic neuro-rehabilitation of mobility. This project utilizes artificial intelligence for precise diagnostics and the dynamic design of optimal rehabilitation treatments for each patient. Additionally, we explore the potential of robotic systems for frailty prevention.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives through innovation in robotic technology. With these projects, our aim is not only to advance research and development, but also to contribute to people's well-being and the evolution of technology in Euskadi.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence!

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