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Building bridges in Galicia: Discover our commitment to robotic neurorehabilitation

robotic neurorehabilitation patient in Galicia

A day filled with achievements at Gogoa Mobility Robots in A Coruña! We're thrilled to share the exciting updates about our meetings with key players in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation in Galicia. Our goal is to bring technology closer and enhance the quality of life for those facing mobility challenges. Allow us to share the details:

We had a highly productive meeting with the President of the A Coruña Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Couceiro. Our primary objective was to collaborate on the training of professionals in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation in Galicia. We're committed to establishing strong partnerships and promoting technological innovation to benefit the local community.

We met with the San Rafael Foundation/Hospital San Rafael to introduce HANK, our lower limb exoskeleton, and discuss how robotic neurorehabilitation can improve the quality of life for patients with mobility difficulties. Furthermore, we're excited to provide hope and recovery opportunities to those who need it most.

Likewise, we had the privilege of meeting with the Galician Spinal Cord Injury Association (ASPAYM) and showcasing HANK. During this meeting, we met Enrique, a courageous 53-year-old patient who suffered a partial spinal cord injury at the C6/C7 level three years ago while mountain biking. Despite losing mobility from the neck down, Enrique's determination has allowed him to gradually regain movement in his arms and regain sensitivity in his legs.

The opportunity to work with HANK could accelerate Enrique's recovery process and offer him the possibility of walking autonomously with proper support. His story is an inspiring testament to resilience and overcoming obstacles, driving us to continue developing innovative technologies that can make a significant difference in people's lives.

At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we take pride in not only driving technology forward, but also empowering brave individuals like Enrique on their journey to recovery and independence. We will continue to work tirelessly to bring robotic neurorehabilitation to those in need, building a future where barriers are overcome and dreams come true.

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