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BELK+: World's First Personal Gait Assistance Exoskeleton Lands in Berlin

The Basque engineering company Gogoa Mobility Robots, dedicated to research, design, and development of high-tech lightweight exoskeletons, is expanding its catalog of robotic assistance devices. In addition to their series of smart exoskeletons targeting medical (neurorehabilitation), professional, sports, or even military sectors, they have just added a robotic device that is fully accessible for personal use, both in terms of its technical features and price (four times less than similar North American products).

The product in question, the first of its kind developed in Europe, is an intelligent device that reacts to and assists the user's movement intention. In fact, it has been designed to provide a new level of independence for people with reduced mobility, regardless of their age, marking a milestone in biomedical engineering. The device adapts to the user's gait, allowing for a comfortable and completely natural walking experience.

The new exoskeleton, commercially named BELK+, is aimed at individuals seeking to regain mobility and achieve a natural gait by assisting their legs. Its light weight, ease of use, and digitalization, which incorporates small motors to effectively strengthen the functionality of the knee joints, make this product a very useful tool in the daily lives of people with reduced mobility.


BELK+: Primer Exoesqueleto Mundial de Asistencia Personal para la Movilidad Desembarca en Berlín

With a robust design and extended autonomy - the electrical system features a fast charging function - allowing for its use (assistance capacity) throughout a full day, BELK+ enables walking on different terrains, including ramps and stairs, providing complete autonomy of movement. Additionally, the Basque exoskeleton allows for gait training, adapting to the needs of various users, including athletes or injured individuals.

The Gogoa Mobility Group exoskeleton weighs less than two kilograms per leg, making it very comfortable for the user. The equipment can be adjusted to different user heights (from 140 to 200 centimeters). The knee is motorized with a pair of assists (up to 35 Nm). Furthermore, the device is equipped with a pair of sensorized insoles that detect the intention and phase of the walk.

BELK+: Primer Exoesqueleto Mundial de Asistencia Personal para la Movilidad Desembarca en Berlín

Presented at Exo Berlin

"Walking is more than just a physical act; it's an expression of freedom and dignity," highlighted Carlos Fernandez Isoird, CEO of Gogoa Mobility Robots, at the presentation of the Basque product at Exo Berlin, the main European exhibition for portable robotic devices, where it caused a sensation when tested on the streets of the German capital. "With BELK+, we are committed to restoring that freedom to people facing mobility challenges, allowing them to enjoy a more active and fulfilling life."

With its Don&Go functionality, the Gogoa Mobility exoskeleton is easy to put on and take off, enabling users to start walking intuitively. Additionally, the management of the exoskeleton is done through a smartwatch and an Android application, providing unprecedented control and information management. Another advantage is that BELK+ users will receive training in the use of the equipment and assistance from the Gogoa Mobility Robots team, ensuring a safe and effective experience.


BELK+ Personal Mobility Assistance Exoskeleton

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