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A new milestone in our collaboration with the University of Minho!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Joana Almeida to our team at Gogoa Mobility Robots. Joana is a student and researcher from the Universidade do Minho, and her arrival marks a significant step forward in our relationship with this prestigious academic institution.

Joana joins us through the Erasmus program with a clear focus: to carry out an innovative research project centered on the design of brain-exoskeleton interfaces. Her goal is to achieve more efficient interaction processes, ultimately contributing to the improvement of patient rehabilitation.

From day one, Joana has demonstrated exceptional dedication to her work. She has immersed herself in the world of HANK, our lower limb gait rehabilitation exoskeleton, meticulously exploring every aspect, from assembly to components, and delving into interaction and parameter recording. Her enthusiasm and commitment are evident, and we are eagerly anticipating the results we will achieve together in this exciting collaboration.

This project represents the first step of many in our exciting joint journey in the field of research. At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we firmly believe in continuous innovation as a means to improve the quality of life through technology.

Collaborating with the Universidade do Minho is a strong commitment to research and ongoing advancement. Joana is an exceptional addition to our team, and we are thrilled about what the future holds.

Welcome, Joana, and thank you for joining us in our mission to make rehabilitation more effective and accessible for everyone! Keep checking our blog for further updates on this exciting collaboration and other developments at Gogoa Mobility Robots. 👏🤖

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