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Presentation of GOGOA to Bizkaia Talent Participants at the University of Deusto!

¡Presentación de GOGOA a los Participantes de Bizkaia Talent en la Universidad de Deusto!

Today has been a special day for GOGOA as we had the honor of introducing ourselves to participants of the prestigious Bizkaia Talent program at the University of Deusto. This presentation marked a milestone in our involvement in the exciting excellence program, Talentia Skills.

Talentia Skills, driven by the Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, has been a beacon of difference since its inception in 2005. Its clear mission is to create conducive conditions to attract, connect, and retain highly qualified individuals in the process of innovation and knowledge in Bilbao, the Historic Territory of Bizkaia, and the Basque Country in general.

GOGOA, as a prominent member of the Basque Health Cluster, enthusiastically shared its experiences and contributions to health innovation with students from various disciplines, all committed to developing cross-cutting skills.

As part of Talentia Skills, university students from Bizkaia have the unique opportunity to undergo a four-year training, carefully selected by universities in the first year of their degree programs. We take pride in actively participating in this exciting journey, offering valuable perspectives and experiences.

From day one, program participants work in multidisciplinary teams, reflecting the collaborative philosophy of our company. We firmly believe that this collaboration among different profiles and academic branches is crucial to addressing the challenges of today's society.

GOGOA celebrates with enthusiasm a year of successes and learnings, thanking everyone for their continued commitment to excellence and comprehensive training in the inspiring environment of the University of Deusto and Bizkaia Talent. We eagerly anticipate the future and express gratitude to all for being part of this exciting journey. Ready for what's to come!

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