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Launching Gogoa Prize: Medtech Design Challenge for Engineering and Technology Students

Gogoa Prize Desafío Diseño Medtech

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the first edition of the Gogoa Prize – The Medtech Design Challenge. As experts in biomedical engineering, we have decided to take student creativity and ingenuity to new heights, challenging future engineers to design a revolutionary exoskeleton in this 2024 edition. The focus: enhancing the motor capabilities of the elderly.

Contest Objective: Connect, Support, and Inspire

The Gogoa Prize has a clear mission: to connect students with contemporary challenges in the development of biomedical products, specifically focusing on improving the quality of life. This initiative goes beyond being a mere competition; it is an opportunity to support young engineers, providing them with a platform to showcase and disseminate their innovative projects in the biomedical field.

Mission and Inspiration: Contributing to Progress in the Biomedical Industry

We believe in the power of students to create an impact, and we want to be catalysts for positive change in the biomedical industry. The inspiration we seek is not limited to the design of the exoskeleton but extends to practical solutions addressing real needs and contributing to progress in this fascinating field.

Looking Ahead: Establishing a Tradition of Innovation

If the first edition proves as fruitful as we hope, the Gogoa Prize will become an annual event. We aim to establish a tradition that fosters innovation, collaboration, and excellence in biomedical design, providing young minds with the opportunity to lead the way into the future of engineering.

Key Details of the Gogoa Prize 2024:

  • Participants: Engineering and technology students from Spanish universities, in teams of 1 to 4 participants.

  • Contest Start Date: February 1, 2024

  • Project Submission Deadline: May 30, 2024

  • Winner Announcement: June 30, 2024

  • Prize: €1,000 for the best project!

Why Participate? A Unique Opportunity for Positive Impact

In addition to the cash prize, this challenge offers a unique opportunity to showcase skills and contribute to positive change in people's lives. We are looking for innovative ideas that address specific challenges and elevate biomedical engineering to new heights.

How to Participate:

Interested students can find more details and the registration form on our website

Evaluation Criteria: Driving Excellence in Biomedical Design

From mechanical design to product sustainability, every aspect counts. Our jury, composed of experts from Gogoa and leaders in academia and industry, will evaluate projects using criteria such as functionality, innovation, and industrial design.

We appreciate all students who will join us on this exciting journey. May the Gogoa Prize 2024 mark the beginning of a legacy of innovation and valuable contributions to the biomedical field. May creativity flourish, and revolutionary projects thrive! Welcome to the future of biomedical engineering with Gogoa Prize!

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