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Biomedical Realities Conference Begins at Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC): Explore the Future of Health with Gogoa Mobility Robots

Arrancan las Jornadas de Realidades Biomédicas en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC): Explora el Futuro de la Salud con Gogoa

Today marks the exciting start of the much-anticipated Biomedical Realities Conference at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), an initiative in which Gogoa Mobility Robots plays a pivotal role. These conferences promise to immerse participants in the fascinating world of biomedical engineering, offering a comprehensive view of the latest trends and applications in this ever-evolving field.

From keynote lectures to hands-on workshops, the conference program is designed to inspire, educate, and connect students, professionals, and technology and health enthusiasts alike. And at the heart of this educational experience lies Gogoa, a leader in the development of innovative technologies such as the HANK robotic exoskeleton, which is transforming the way we approach rehabilitation and personal assistance.

The hands-on workshop offered by Gogoa is a unique opportunity for attendees to get firsthand knowledge of HANK's operation and application. With subject matter experts guiding the experience, participants will explore how this technology is changing lives and how they can be part of this revolution in biomedical engineering.

Additionally, keynote speeches by prominent speakers such as Carlos Fernandez Isoird and Guillermo Asín Prieto will provide in-depth insights into the latest advancements in the field. From biomechanics to bioinformatics, these presentations will offer a broad perspective on the possibilities that biomedical engineering offers for improving health and well-being.

For those looking to explore new professional opportunities or simply wanting to stay informed about the latest innovations in technology and health, the Biomedical Realities Conference at URJC is the place to be. So join us today and discover how Gogoa is leading the way toward a brighter and healthier future for all. We look forward to seeing you there!

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