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Advanced Neurorehabilitation: HANK and Innovations at MOVEX CLINICS

In the fourth episode of our collaborative podcast with MOVEX CLINICS, broadcast on Onda Vasca and hosted by Txema Gutiérrez, we had the honour of welcoming Carlos Fernández, CEO of Movex Clinics. During this enlightening interview, we delved into the latest advancements in robotic neurorehabilitation, highlighting the technological innovations that are revolutionising the lives of patients with mobility issues.

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"El exoesqueleto con el tobillo motorizado te permite volver a andar de forma natural"Movex Clinics

HANK: The Cutting-Edge Exoskeleton with Motorised Ankle

HANK: El Exoesqueleto de Alta Tecnología con Tobillo Motorizado

One of the most notable points of discussion was the HANK exoskeleton by GOGOA, one of the most advanced tools utilised at Movex Clinics. HANK stands out as the only exoskeleton on the market with six motorised joints, including the ankle. This innovative feature is crucial for rehabilitation, as it allows patients to regain a more natural and fluid gait.

Carlos Fernández explained: "It is the only exoskeleton on the market that has a motorised ankle, and this is fundamental. It allows you to have a natural gait pattern, that is, to relearn how to walk as one should, not in an awkward manner." This technology not only accelerates the rehabilitation process but also significantly enhances the quality of life for patients, providing them with greater independence and mobility.

Future Innovations: The ALPERK System

During the episode, Fernández also announced the upcoming introduction of a groundbreaking system called ALPERK, designed to stimulate the vagus nerve. This advancement promises even more impressive results in the field of rehabilitation. "ALPERK will enable the rehabilitation process to be faster than it is today," Fernández affirmed, opening up new possibilities for the future of neurorehabilitation.

'Hand of Hope' and Other Cutting-Edge Technologies

In addition to HANK, GOGOA and Movex Clinics utilise other advanced exoskeletons such as 'Hand of Hope', which focus on improving upper limb mobility. These technologies, combined with balance platforms and virtual reality systems, provide a comprehensive approach to the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered strokes, spinal cord injuries, or degenerative diseases.

Transforming Patients' Lives

The use of these state-of-the-art technologies at Movex Clinics has proven to be transformative for many patients. The exoskeletons not only accelerate rehabilitation but also offer a significant improvement in limb mobility. This translates into greater autonomy and quality of life, enabling patients to resume daily activities with greater ease and confidence.


The fourth episode of our podcast has highlighted that the collaboration between GOGOA Mobility Robots and Movex Clinics is at the forefront of robotic neurorehabilitation. Innovations such as HANK and the forthcoming ALPERK system represent a significant leap forward in how we approach rehabilitation, offering hope and new opportunities to patients with mobility challenges.

We invite you to listen to the full episode on Onda Vasca to learn more about these revolutionary technologies and how they are transforming lives. At GOGOA Mobility Robots, we remain committed to innovation and continuous improvement to provide solutions that truly make a difference.


Neurorrehabilitación HANK MOVEX CLINICS

Neurorrehabilitación HANK MOVEX CLINICS

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