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Achievements at St. Vincent's Hospital: Physiotherapists Certified as HANK Exoskeleton Pilots

Today, we are delighted to share a significant milestone in our mission to advance the field of robotic neurorehabilitation. With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce that five talented physiotherapists from San Vicente Hospital (GRUPO VITALIA HOME) have successfully completed their training and have been certified as "HANK exoskeleton pilots." This achievement represents a step forward on the horizon of motor rehabilitation, and we are excited to be a part of this transformation.

Under the expert guidance of Maite Molinuevo Auzmendi, who holds the position of Head of Specialized Neurology Physiotherapy and Clinic Coordinator at Movex Clinics Urretxu, these physiotherapists have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation in the field of neurorehabilitation.

A few months ago, San Vicente Hospital decided to adopt our technology to enrich its range of rehabilitation services for motor injuries and conditions. This step has allowed for the expansion of the variety of neurorehabilitation services available at this Madrid-based center, paving the way for a significant improvement in the quality of life of its patients.

At Gogoa Mobility Robots, our vision is to provide a more efficient and effective motor rehabilitation service compared to conventional treatments. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of the physiotherapists and the clinic to provide the best possible care to those in need.

We want to congratulate both the physiotherapists and San Vicente Hospital for their dedication and forward-looking vision. Together, we are transforming neurorehabilitation and paving the way for a brighter future for those seeking to regain their quality of life.

We applaud Raquel Torres, Lourdes Arribas González, Andrea García Dioni, Estefanía Nieves Mora, Claudia González Tapia, and Marta Moreno López for this extraordinary achievement.

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