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A few days ago Juantxu Martín, CTO of Gogoa was interviewed by the ABC newspaper for the publication of the following news item: "MEDICAL REHABILITATION FINDS ITS BEST ALLIED IN THE ROBOTICS INDUSTRY. The growing application of these technological solutions in healthcare centres opens a new door of hope for thousands of patients".

It mentions Gogoa as a national and international reference in robotic neuro-rehabilitation thanks to exoskeletons such as Hank and Belk and the opening of clinics for the design and development of neuro-rehabilitation therapies; Movex Clinics and Movex Living Lab. He highlights how Gogoa's R&D&I work is combined with the work of patient care and personalised treatment.

Likewise, as Dr. Carolina De Miguel, president of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (Sermef), highlights in the news: "technological development and advances in neuroplasticity and motor learning facilitate the incorporation of robotics in the field of neurorehabilitation, in the field of research and in clinical applications. They are beginning to appear in rehabilitation services as novel and powerful therapeutic elements that are changing the rehabilitation paradigm".

And it is in fact thanks to the repetitiveness of the movements generated with exoskeletons such as Hank and Belk that these two neurological phenomena called neuroplasticity and motor neuron reprogramming occur. Phenomena that lead to the recruitment and reprogramming of neurons (in respective order) to obtain unique results in motor gait rehabilitation. Results that conventional therapies cannot achieve.

Finally, the industrial applications of exoskeletons are also discussed, where Cyber Human Systems, a spin-off of Gogoa, plays an important role. The aim of this new technology is to reduce sick leave, prevent musculoskeletal disorders and increase human capabilities.

Robotica Rehabilitacion ABC Empresa 19 febrero
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