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HANK: From Work of Art to Movie Star. Challenging Limits in the Documentary Film "Javi y la Montaña"

HANK de Gogoa Mobility Robots: De Obra de Arte a Estrella de Cine. Desafiando los Límites en la película-documental "Javi y la Montaña"

After captivating the public in the artistic installation "Exografías" by Amaia Vicente in the exhibition "Máquinas de ingenio. Jakintzen bidegurutzean" at TABAKALERA, we are excited to announce our outstanding participation in the documentary film "Javi y la Montaña". This epic production of the Urbegi Foundation narrates the incredible odyssey of Javier López Pagazaurtundua towards Everest base camp, guided by the experienced mountaineer Alex Txikon. In this inspiring tale of self-improvement and friendship, our HANK ambulatory exoskeleton for lower limbs stands as a true hero, transforming Javier's life and taking him to heights never before imagined.


Javier López y Alex Txikon, destacados aventureros y colaboradores incansables, capturados en una impactante imagen proporcionada por la Fundación Urbegi.
Javier López and Alex Txikon, image provided by the Urbegi Foundation.

The Journey of a Champion: Javier López



It all began when Javier, a brave young man from Zallora with cerebral palsy, was honoured with the "Lo Imposible 2022 Award" by the Urbegi Foundation. His challenge: to conquer Everest base camp, more than 5,000 metres above sea level. But this would not be a solitary journey.

The alliance between Javier and the renowned mountaineer Alex Txikon marked the beginning of a journey full of determination, friendship and amazing challenges. Together, they faced gruelling days, covered challenging kilometres and braved extreme conditions, proving that will and courage can overcome any obstacle.

Gogoa Mobility Robots and Movex Clinics: Transformation in Action

At our state-of-the-art robotic neurorehabilitation clinics, Movex Clinics, together with a dedicated team of physiotherapists, engineers and medical professionals, we deployed our HANK exoskeleton to enhance Javier's endurance, gain muscle mass and perfect his gait pattern. A success story that highlights the transformative power of technology in the process of self-improvement.

The Documentary: A Testimonial of Resilience

"Javi y la Montaña" is more than just a film; it is a vivid testimony of resilience, self-improvement and unwavering friendship. Captured over more than a year, the documentary reveals every moment, from the first days of preparation to the majesty of the Himalayas.

Photographs of Javier López and Alex Txikon during the recording, on loan from the Urbegi Foundation.

A Tribute to Life and Overcoming. Release Date: February 22, 2024

In the wise words of Edmund Hillary, "Because it's there". The Lo Imposible Awards pays tribute to determination and life itself. Through "Javi y la Montaña" we aspire to inspire everyone to face their own personal mountains and live life with courage and passion.

Join the Celebration: Premiere on 22 February 2024

We extend the Urbegi Foundation's warm invitation to witness this powerful story. Get your free ticket through this link and join us at the premiere of "Javi y la Montaña" at SALA BBK BILBAO. Let's celebrate together this extraordinary journey that highlights innovation, perseverance and collaboration. From being an engineering masterpiece to becoming a movie star, HANK has a lot to tell. Don't miss this unique experience!


HANK "Javi y la Montaña"

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