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Gogoa Mobility Robots presents HANK and HELK exoskeletons at Quirónsalud Pontevedra

Last week Gogoa Mobility Robots presented its exoskeletons HANK and HELK at the Instituto de Neuro-rehabilitation Quirónsalud Pontevedra to a team of neurologists and physiotherapists from the centre.

HANK is our lower limb exoskeleton with 6 motorised joints and an adaptive gait pattern, making it the most technologically advanced exoskeleton in the world. HANK is intended for patients with spinal cord injuries and neurodegenerative diseases.

HELK is an ergonomic textile exoskeleton for lumbar support intended for healthcare professionals who perform strenuous tasks such as transferring and mobilising patients. HELK provides additional support to the extremities of the body, reducing the load on the joints and improving the mobility of the users. Thanks to this textile exoskeleton, medical care is safer and more effective than ever before.

Gogoa Mobility Robots is committed to taking exoskeleton technology to the next level and collaborating with healthcare experts to improve people's quality of life.



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