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Exploring the Boundaries between Body and Machine: The Impact of "Exografías" with HANK by Gogoa at TABAKALERA

Exploring the Boundaries between Body and Machine: The Impactful Collaboration of "Exografías" at TABAKALERA

The intersection of art, science, and technology has birthed a fascinating exhibition that challenges conventional norms and opens new doors to imagination. "Machines of Ingenuity," a recently concluded exhibition at TABAKALERA, has left an enduring mark on the cultural landscape, with one singular piece standing out among the rest: "Exografías."

EITB's TEKNOLOPOLIS program immersed us in this world of innovation and creativity by showcasing the unique fusion of scientific research and artistic expression in "Exografías." At the heart of this work lies an inspiring collaboration between Tekniker, the talented artist Amaia Vicente, and the team at Gogoa Mobility Robots, which has breathed life into an unparalleled experience.

"Exografías" delves into the boundaries between the human body and technology, unraveling the complex and fascinating emotional relationship between people and machines. At the core of this installation is HANK, an ambulatory exoskeleton designed to rehabilitate lower limb walking. But this is not merely a functional device; it is a work of art in itself, challenging the conventional notion of technology as a purely utilitarian tool.

The collaboration between Tekniker, Amaia Vicente, and Gogoa Mobility Robots resulted in a piece that captivated all who witnessed it during its exhibition. "Exografías" prompts us to reflect on how technology can become an extension of the human body, a manifestation of our creativity, and a tool for artistic expression.

This project represents a milestone in the convergence of art and technology, highlighting the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration. By joining forces, something truly unique was created: a work that challenges our perceptions and invites us to imagine a future where technology not only enhances our lives but also enriches our human experience.

As "Machines of Ingenuity" comes to a close, we are left with the legacy of "Exografías" and its lasting impact on our understanding of the world. This work reminds us that technology, far from being purely functional, can also be an expression of creativity, emotion, and limitless possibility.

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