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EASO Politeknikoa Acquires HELK from Gogoa for Innovative Training in Occupational Health and Safety

Donostia - San Sebastián, 13/12/2023

EASO Politeknikoa Adquiere HELK de Gogoa para una Formación Innovadora en Prevención y Salud Laboral

In a bold move towards the forefront of professional health training, EASO Politeknikoa, a recognized Integrated Vocational Training Center with over a century of experience, has acquired two revolutionary HELK from Gogoa Mobility Robots. This strategic step aims to train students in the use of these cutting-edge technologies while providing them with specialized knowledge in injury prevention and occupational health promotion.

The HELK, ergonomic textile exoskeletons with lumbar support developed by Gogoa Mobility Robots, feature "artificial muscles" formed by variable deformation elastomers. These devices not only provide comprehensive support for the lumbar area but also play a crucial role in injury prevention and the overall well-being of healthcare professionals and, consequently, patients.

The incorporation of HELK into the educational program of EASO Politeknikoa underscores Gogoa's commitment to introducing its equipment into the healthcare sector. Nursing students, nursing assistants, and occupational health and safety technicians will benefit from advanced training that includes practical and theoretical skills in the use of state-of-the-art patient mobilization technologies.

As part of this exciting collaboration, the Gogoa Mobility Robots team conducted a masterclass that included a live demonstration of HELK. The session was attended by 110 students and 8 teachers from various health-related disciplines. During the masterclass, the innovative features of the ergonomic exoskeletons were highlighted, generating palpable excitement among the participants.

This strategic alliance between EASO Politeknikoa and Gogoa Mobility Robots marks a significant milestone in the convergence of professional training and health technology. With the implementation of these advanced devices, future healthcare professionals will be better prepared to address current challenges and contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare.

Gogoa Mobility Robots continues to lead the transformation in patient mobilization and occupational health risk prevention. Furthermore, this collaboration with EASO Politeknikoa reinforces their commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for training and professional development in the field of health.


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